About the Slovenian Wine Festival

The Slovenian Wine Festival’s mission is to present Slovenian and foreign wines and to spread the culture of wine drinking. Each year, the festival is visited by caterers, restaurant and hotel managers, businessmen, journalists, retailers, wine shop owners, wine growers and winemakers, sommeliers, oenologists, members of wine growers’ and winemakers’ associations, members of wine fraternities and other (wine) associations, wine knights, wine queens and wine lovers.

With its varied offer, the festival is therefore for everyone who has a business, a passion and a love for wine, or a curiosity to fill. The festival is for all of you who appreciate the efforts of wine growers and winemakers on the one hand and wine as a (professional) challenge on the other. Because Slovenian wines are so popular for their variety and quality, we invite you to visit us again this year and enjoy the smell and taste of this noble drop, confirm old knowledge and discover something new.


November 16 – 17, 2023

Opening hours:

4 pm – 9 pm


Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana