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03.07.2017Lidl's young winemaker 2017

Together with Lidl Slovenia, we are searching for young wine stars. Are you a promising winemaker under 35? Is wine production your mission, your life goal? Have you in the last two years  produced wine that deserves a place on Lidl's shelves? If you answered 3 x with YES, register a.s.a.p. via website: http://mladivinar.si/

24.10.2017Festival of all festivals will host more than ten partner salons

20th Slovenian Wine Festival, which will be held on 17th and 18th November 2017, in GH Union and hotel Slon, in Ljjubljana, will be host to more than ten partner salons. You can check the salons on this link. 

09.11.2017Winners of Festival Wine competition have been announced

At today's press conference at the Restorant Atelje in Ljubljana we've uncovered the highest rated wines in three categories - white, dry wines; white, semi-dry wines; red, dry wines.

01.07.2017First two invitations for 20th Slovenian Wine Festival

After we made an analysis of who participated how many times at the festival, we found out that there are only two winemakers that are with us from the beginning: Damjan Štokelj, from the Štokelj Estate, and Bogdan Makovec, Mansus wines. Since both properties are "ours" from the very beginning, we decided to hand out the first two invitations to the festival in person. So on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, we went to Vipava valley - first to Štokelj, in Planina, and from there to Makovčev, in Brje.

12.09.2015Crystal evenings diVino

Crystal evenings diVino will be Thursday events, scheduled every two months with the main idea to present chosen winemakers – each time 5, with 3 wines each. Wine will be accompanied with thematic cuisine and stand-up comedy. All together in the beautiful ambient of the Restaurant diVino or during warm months of the year in the green terrace of Crystal Palace in BTC City, Ljubljana.

19.10.2015Viva il vina presents 5 top scored Slovenian wines

Best in show in cooperation with Vino Slovenija/ Radgona fair invites you on friday, 23rd October 2015, at 8 p.m., to Grand hotel Union, Ljubljana, to taste 5 top scored Slovenian wines from Vino Slovenia competition. 5 wines only. In order to pay deserved attention to each one. Great environment where a glass of wine or two, maybe a bottle is part of the atmosphere. To really get in the mood the Chefs of GH Union will take care for excellent food bites to go along with the wines.
- Radgonske gorice, Zlata radgonska penina, brut, 2010, Štajerska Slovenija
- Radgonske gorice, Zlata radgonska penina, sec, 2011, Štajerska Slovenija
- Hiša vina Doppler, Sauvignon, 2014, Štajerska Slovenija
- CV - Colja Vino, Matej Colja, Izbrani teran ptp, 2011, Kras
- Vinska klet Boris Lisjak, Sara, 2007, Kras

NO RESERVATIONS and no entrance fee for the event!

16.11.2015Gala dinner - CANCELED

Due to unsufficient number of reservations we had to cancel the Gala dinner with guest Chefs and wines of Slovenian wine festival scaduled fot Thursday evening.

13.09.2016Tickets for 19th Slovenian Wine Festival available in pre-sale

Tickets for 19th Slovenian Wine Festival and 9th Colinary Festival are already alailable in pre-sale via Eventim.si. For more informations follow this link.

03.10.2016Wine Competition 2016

This year's Wine Competition will again take place in cooperation with the magazine Dolce Vita. This year's Slovenian Wine Festival is bringing some novelties for wineries and winemakers, therefore we advised them to register their wines for the Wine Competition.

More about Wine Competition 2016 comming soon!

11.11.2016Wine competition results

At today's press conference we presented the winners of this year's Wine competition. We got winners in four categories: sparkling wines, white dry and semi dry wines, white semi sweet and sweet wines and rose and red wines. The whole list you can check on this site.

09.09.2015New wine competition

The most prestigious wine event in Slovenia, the 18th. Slovenian Wine Festival is introducing completely new wine competition. In collaboration with magazine Dolce Vita – The Wine adviser section. Read more ...

12.07.2015Viva il vino presenting selected šipon wines_canceled degustation

On Friday, 17th July VIVA IL VINO is presenting selected šipon wines. Due to lack of reservations for the degustation, we had to cancel the degustation. Therefore we start at 8 p.m. on the terrace of Grand hotel Union.

12.04.2015Viva il vino presents selected orange wine of Orange Wine Festival Izola 2015

Friday, 17th April, 8 p.m., Wine library, Grand hotel Union, Miklošičeva 1, Ljubljana

07.04.2015Viva il vino presents the best five malvasias of 15th Festival Malvasia 2015

Friday, 10th April 2015, 8 p.m., in Wine library of Grand hotel Union, Miklošičeva 1, Ljubljana

16.02.2015Salon penečih vin presegel vsa pričakovanja

Na prvi petek trinajstega v tem letu, ki je sovpadel s predvalentinovim večerom, se je v veliki dvorani Grand hotela Union trlo vinoljubcev – še prav posebno tistih, ki se navdušujejo nad mehurčki. Drugi Salon penečih vin v Ljubljani je na najlepši lokaciji v mestu združil preko 30 domačih in tujih pridelovalcev penečih se vin z več kot 450 ljubitelji penečih se vin. Več si lahko preberete na tej strani. 

03.02.2015Exhibitors at Salon of sparkling wines

Today we announced the final list of exhibitors at the 2nd Salon of sparkling wines, which will be on Friday, 13th February 2015, between 5 and 12 p.m., in GH Union, Ljubljana. All exhibitors and their wines can be found on this link.

26.01.2015NAJ vina Slovenskega festivala vin v Vinski knjižnici

V petek, 30. januarja vam bomo v Vinski knjižnici, ob brezplačni degustaciji v družbi vinarjev, po ugodnih cenah ponudili pet NAJ vin po izboru obiskovalcev 17. Slovenskega festivala vin. Izboru najboljših vin pa bosta dodana še izbor odličnih jedi in prijetna glasba. Več si lahko preberete na tem linku.

06.01.20152nd Salon of sparkling wines

Second Salon of sparkling wines will also this year on one place, in the great hall of the Grand Hotel Union, offer selected Slovenian and foreign sparkling wines. Sparkling wines are from year to year exceeding the cliché of wines for special occasions, celebrations, and are becoming increasingly popular even in everyday life, as well as wines that can accompany excellent cuisine.

Therefore, we will sparkling wines, which will be presented at Salon of sparkling wines upgrade in line with trends - with exquisite cuisine of Hotel Union. For the cherry on the cake magical atmosphere that will happen only night before St. Valentine's Day, we will also take care of carefully selected music that would maybe invite someone to dance.

05.05.2014Participants of Salon of sparkling wines revealed

At the Salon of sparkling wines, which will be held on 15th MAy 2014, in GH Union, in Ljubljana, their sparkling wines will present winemakers as follows:
Dveri-Pax d.o.o.
Emeran Reya
Gregor Štemberger
Hiša vina Doppler
Izbrana vina Bordon
Kmetija Slavček - Franc Vodopivec
Kmetijska zadruga Metlika
Marinič Na bregu
Občina Pesnica in Vinogradništvo Mulec
P&F Jeruzalem Ormož
Pernod Ricard Slovenija
Posestvo Sartori
Radgonske gorice d. d.
Semiška penina
Steyer vina
Vila Platana - vinska klet
Vina Joannes
Vina Sanabor
Vina Sončni Škol
Vina Štoka - Kras
Vino Falot
Vinogradništvo in vinarstvo ČARGA 1767
Vinska klet "Goriška Brda"
Vinska klet Mastnak - Zdravko Mastnak
Vipava 1894 d.d.
Zlati grič

17.04.2014Less than one month till Salon of sparkling wines

We invite you to the first Salon of sparkling wines in Ljubljana, to taste more than 50 Slovenian and some foreign sparkling wines. Salon tasting between 4 and 8 p.m., will be followed by after party Gala bubbles under the stars, where we will be enjoying bubbles, exquisite cuisine and great music until midnight.

26.03.2014Call for participation on 17th Slovenian Wine Festival

Today we announced and sent away call for participation on 17th Slovenian Wine Festival, which will be held on 20th and 21st November, in Grand hotel Union, in Ljubljana. Festival will be this year again accompanied by Culinary Festival, 7th in the row. More about events and conditions for participation can be found in the tab FOR EXHIBITORS.

01.08.2013Call for participating on the 16th Slovenian Wine Festival

The 16th Slovenian Wine Festival will be held on 21st and 22nd November 2013, between 3. and 9 p.m., in the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana. For more details for wine makers, distributour and wine merchants about participating on this year's festival click on gray coloured words - Call for participation on the 16th  Slovenian Wine Festival.